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The Art of Crowdfunding

The Art of Crowdfunding

The Spring 2015 Master Class Series

Tyee Master Classes 2015 Proudly Presents The Art of Crowdfunding Harnessing Story for a Powerful Campaign with Ian MacKenzie

“Loved the workshop. Very clarifying and focused. Great presentation… maybe one of the best I’ve ever attended (this coming from someone who spent 40 years as a facilitator/presenter/trainer). The marriage of passion, focus, and commitment shows.” – Lola

What will I learn?

Taught by filmmaker and media activist Ian MacKenzie (Occupy Love, Sacred Economics), The Art of Crowdfunding will demystify the world of crowdfunding and provides you with specific storytelling strategies that will help you tap into the revolution.

Ian has offered these popular workshops in Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Sacramento and Los Angeles. This Tyee Master Class builds upon Ian’s previous strategy-based workshops, focusing exclusively on crafting the narrative for your campaign and diving deep into the financing revolution.

After exploring numerous new real-world examples (from The Connected Universe to Stream of Consciousness), by the end of the day, you will have the concrete structure of your campaign and the confidence to launch. Woven between the strategy is Ian’s signature insight and heart—we promise to leave you inspired and ready to launch your campaign.

BONUS: Every participant will get a video download of Ian’s previous 2-hour workshop “Crowdfunding 101,” which covers specific campaign management strategy and tips.

Who’s it for?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to understand the world of crowdfunding, and how to run a successful campaign: filmmakers, musicians, artists, activists, non-profits, inventors, designers, lovers and anyone who wants to make their idea, dream or vision a reality through crowdfunding. If you’ve already dabbled in crowdfunding, you will gain valuable insight for future campaigns, but by no means is previous experience with crowdfunding or filmmaking necessary.

What should I bring?

Attendees don’t need to have a specific crowdfunding campaign in mind, but if you do, bring an outline of your planned project and think about the clear “ask.”

Who is Ian?

“Ian is a crowdfunding master. From his experience he knows what it takes to be successful, and, even more importantly, is adept at coaching others to find success in crowdfunding as well.” —Kate Drane, Indiegogo

Ian MacKenzie is a media activist and filmmaker from Vancouver. In 2010, he crowdfunded over $80,000 with director Velcrow Ripper for the feature documentary Occupy Love. Ian has since successfully helped raise over $1 million with over 40 crowdfunding projects. He is also the director of Sacred Economics, and more recently, the short film Reactor. Ian now speaks and writes widely on crowdfunding.

Special Thanks to Our Class Sponsor

This Tyee Master Class is sponsored by Canadian Media Guild (CMG). Registration for this class includes a one-year CMG Freelance Branch membership ($150 value).

The CMG Freelance Branch represents self-employed media and creative arts workers across Canada, and is part of the 6,000-member Canadian Media Guild. At $150 a year, a tax-deductible Freelance Branch membership offers advice and counsel from CMG staff on contract questions, pitching, work concerns and negotiation strategies. Other member resources include access to a not-for-profit group health benefits program and no-cost Employee and Family Assistance program. You can also access free online software training with, post your profile in the CMG Freelancer Directory, and receive free or discounted participation in workshops and conferences. For more information go to

The Art of Crowdfunding
Ian MacKenzie
Saturday May 30th
10 a.m–3 p.m.
The Amp training room 425 Carrall Street, Vancouver BC
Includes coffee and lunch, with reception to follow after 3 p.m.
$200 + GST