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Yves Engler

Stories by Yves Engler


Will Tonight's Munk Debate Discuss Canadian Mining Abroad?

Given its host, tied to Barrick Gold's wealthy founder, it's one to watch.

By Yves Engler, 28 Sep 2015


Harper's Global Austerity Agenda

Conservatives' response to EU debt crisis? Block bank taxes, cut social services.

By Yves Engler, 25 May 2013


Canada as Global Bully: The Congo Example

Our shifting foreign policy and aid aims are on ugly display in world's poorest country.

By Yves Engler, 10 Dec 2012


A Tyee Series

Stephen Harper's Endless Campaign for Mining Profits

How Canada relentlessly pressures foreign governments on behalf of rich mining interests. Second of two.

By Yves Engler, 22 Nov 2012


A Tyee Series

The Ugly Canadian Digs In

When mining giants face local opposition around the globe, Harper's team hurries to help. Part one of two.

By Yves Engler, 21 Nov 2012


The New Class Warfare over Bicycles

Don Cherry and Rob Ford twist it backwards. The elitists are pro-car politicians, slowing up a better life for the working class.

By Yves Engler, 13 Dec 2010


Those Feisty French Leftists

In France and Quebec, they know how to say non!

By Yves Engler, 7 Apr 2006