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Russ Francis

Stories by Russ Francis


Sewage Ads: Something Smells

Anti-union, pro-P3 campaign raises questions about backers.

By Russ Francis, 4 Jul 2007


Audit Finds Problems with How BC Libs Do Business

Most big contracts lack cost-benefit analysis.

By Russ Francis, 15 Mar 2007


Premier Owns Shares in Five Oil and Gas Firms

No record Campbell invests own money in green solutions.

By Russ Francis, 22 Feb 2007


Help the Planet, Buy a Car?

That's what BC's auto dealers say. The fine print on their green sell.

By Russ Francis, 15 Feb 2007


Shhhhh! It's 'Right to Know Week'

BC Libs so quiet about their own proclamation, you'd hardly know.

By Russ Francis, 28 Sep 2006


A Tyee Series

Click-and-Drag Education

Dropping enrolment fuels BC Libs' push for online learning.

By Russ Francis, 5 Sep 2006


Who Will Own Victoria's Big New Sewage Plant?

Unions smell a privatized, $700 million deal.

By Russ Francis, 15 Aug 2006


The Freedom of Info Maze

Public has right to government records, but just try to get them.

By Russ Francis, 5 Jul 2006


Time to Brag! Say Libs and NDP

Lists of achievements are, ahem, highly selective.

By Russ Francis, 23 May 2006


Big Contracts for BC Liberals' Favorite Image Polisher

Despite party promise, Western Pro Show won first government deals without competing.

By Russ Francis, 15 Jun 2005


NDP Turnout Surges in Advance Poll

In four ridings, New Democrats appear motivated.

By Russ Francis, 17 May 2005


Shutting Out the Public

How the BC Liberals closed off the view to public deliberations.

By Russ Francis, 29 Apr 2005


Foiling Freedom of Information

Gordon Campbell promised the FOI process would be easier, cheaper and solidly funded. The opposite has happened.

By Russ Francis, 28 Apr 2005


‘Open, Transparent and Accountable’

That’s the government B.C. Liberals promised. By most measures, they haven’t delivered.

By Russ Francis, 27 Apr 2005


Seniors Suffer from Contracting Out

Inspection reports reveal grim conditions at seniors' homes. One operator blames new contract employees.

By Russ Francis, 25 Feb 2005


Contracting out Health Support: Documents Raise Doubts

Health inspection reports and a leaked document raise questions about the quality of privatized care, and about cost savings.

By Russ Francis, 17 May 2004