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Michael Fellman

Historian Michael Fellman authored several acclaimed books on the Civil War including The Making of Robert E. Lee. He also directed the Graduate Liberal Studies Program at Simon Fraser University Before his passing in spring of 2012, he wrote an occasional column on politics for The Tyee.

Stories by Michael Fellman


Trump’s Violent Summoning of the Unhinged

We know where this leads. Remember Gabrielle Giffords’ would-be assassin?

By David Beers and Michael Fellman, 10 Aug 2016


Why America's Politics Seem out of Control

They are, partly because parties there are so much weaker than in Canada.

By Michael Fellman, 24 Mar 2012


Racist Campaign Shows US Still Craves Baloney on White Bread

Newt Gingrich need not be virtuous or consistent. He's got the hate thing.

By Michael Fellman, 23 Jan 2012


Stand on Guard for Creeping Militarism

The warrior has a place in Canada's story, but requires vigilance, too.

By Michael Fellman, 28 Jul 2011


Egypt ripe for a 'colonels' coup': Fellman

By Michael Fellman, 10 Feb 2011


Egypt Poised to Settle for a Mirage of Reform

Getting rid of Mubarak while preserving his regime will be no victory for democracy.

By Michael Fellman, 7 Feb 2011


Arizona Shooting: Americans Must Face This Reckoning

Steady poisoning of US political culture led here. Can that culture now take responsibility?

By David Beers and Michael Fellman, 9 Jan 2011


What Makes a Master Teacher?

Geniuses like Yo Yo Ma and their mentors are profiled in 'Talent Abounds.' For the rest of us sloggers, are there lessons?

By Michael Fellman, 7 Sep 2010


Rescuing the Wealthy Idiots

The rich who made this mess are too greedy to be grateful we're saving their hides.

By Michael Fellman, 12 Mar 2009


Obama's Rebuttal to Bush, Reagan

Hopeful oratory, to be sure, but also a rejection of conservatism.

By Michael Fellman, 21 Jan 2009


Obama's crib sheet: Inaugural words he's studying

By Michael Fellman, 19 Jan 2009


Yes He Can

Obama's no radical, but he's been empowered by his fellow citizens to do big things.

By Michael Fellman, 5 Nov 2008


1932, 1968, 1980... 2008

The huge, historic shift that Obama's impending victory will signify.

By Michael Fellman, 20 Oct 2008


Is Obama Good for Canada?

How the US choice for president really affects us up here.

By Michael Fellman, 25 Jul 2008


Clinton Goes to the Poison Well

Coded racism and faked populism. Can US politics ever pull free?

By Michael Fellman, 24 Apr 2008


Sorry Obama, Blame Canada

Did we sandbag a US candidate? A novel idea!

By Michael Fellman, 6 Mar 2008


It's President Obama

Why, barring scandal, he's in the White House.

By Michael Fellman, 21 Feb 2008


Why Obama's Smiling

He had a good night, never mind Clinton's spin.

By Michael Fellman, 6 Feb 2008


Bill Blowing the Election

Goodbye Billary, hello Obama. And more hunches.

By Michael Fellman, 29 Jan 2008


Corn, Hogs and US Politics

The American presidential contest begins tomorrow in Iowa.

By Michael Fellman, 2 Jan 2008


Let's Talk about Creeping Canadian Militarism

We're signing on to a major shift, without much debate.

By Michael Fellman, 23 May 2007


Bush's War: A Glossary

'Surge' is but the latest Orwellian term to disguise botched invasion.

By Michael Fellman, 22 Jan 2007


Begin the Inquisition!

Democrats will throw great hearings, dodge vital issues.

By Michael Fellman, 9 Nov 2006


Why Democrats Are Poised for Power

The US election by the numbers.

By Michael Fellman, 30 Oct 2006


What War? We've Got 'Pagegate'

Sex scandal helps Dems give the right a great big wedgie.

By Michael Fellman, 4 Oct 2006


Tyranny and You

'May your life have purpose as well as pleasure.'

By Michael Fellman, 12 Jun 2006


Sun Editors Miss Katrina's Cruel Lesson

As New Orleans reels, editorials demonize tax-funded government.

By Michael Fellman, 7 Sep 2005


Eastwood’s Right Hook at Bush

You’ve had enough time to see ‘Million Dollar Baby.’ So we can give away its ending, and politics.

By Michael Fellman, 5 Apr 2005


Thank You Dr. Feelgood

Deep in the American South just after the election, I received a reminder of why the blues were invented.

By Michael Fellman, 12 Nov 2004


I'm Calling It for Kerry

Prophet or idiot, I say he’ll win by a fair margin. Here’s why.

By Michael Fellman, 25 Oct 2004


Why Debate Revived Kerry's Hopes

Scowling, pouting, performance by Bush may prove the election's turning point.

By Michael Fellman, 4 Oct 2004


How to Explain America's Divide?

Americans are of two minds, but only one has two halves.

By Michael Fellman, 3 Sep 2004


Reagan's Pull on the U.S. Election

The Gipper still haunts Democrats like John Kerry, because he changed the meaning of "mainstream."

By Michael Fellman, 18 Jun 2004


It's Kerry Against Bush

The contest for president is now down to two. And the Democrats have a fighting chance.

By Michael Fellman, 9 Feb 2004


U.S. Voters Are Red, Blue and Messy

A primer on the presidential election for Canadians who thought Americans were a simple breed.

By Michael Fellman, 29 Jan 2004


Running Scared for the Presidency

Clinton used to say "I feel your pain." The Democrat mantra this time: 'I feel your fear.' (Please welcome The Tyee's new U.S. election-watcher.)

By Michael Fellman, 19 Jan 2004