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Don Gayton

Stories by Don Gayton


A Gardener's Manifesto

Let's take back nature from stuffy 'landscape architects.'

By Don Gayton, 12 Mar 2008


Corky Evans on Making the Woods Work

Markets are good, logging can be honourable, and the left must lay claim to the language of the right to achieve its goals.

By Don Gayton, 12 May 2005


Bound for B.C.'s Exotic Island

A short, true fable about Mitlenatch and the Cortesian Spud Gun Militia.

By Don Gayton, 29 Dec 2004


If a Tree Falls ...

Thoughts on the cycle of life while cutting down an old friend.

By Don Gayton, 25 Nov 2004


Do Draft Dodgers Like Me Need a Monument?

The Nelson ruckus makes me wonder who is truly deserving of a memorial.

By Don Gayton, 5 Oct 2004


A Tale of Two Kootenays

The towns and their cultures a product of geography, and the history the land imposes on them.

By Don Gayton, 15 Sep 2004


Out Here with the Kokanee

The fish is a powerful symbol of the Kooteneys, and a key to understanding the nature of place. Advertisers get that. Politicians don't.

By Don Gayton, 14 Sep 2004


Dad, Me and the Kokanee

Gone is the relationship between fish and men of my father's era. Is that reason to mourn?

By Don Gayton, 6 May 2004