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Diane E. Ragsdale

Diane Ragsdale is associate program Officer at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This article is part of a series drawn from her address to the Vancouver Arts Summit, an event presented by the Alliance for Arts and Culture and 2010 Legacies Now attended by administrators and supporters of arts and culture organizations.

Stories by Diane E. Ragsdale


A Tyee Series

Nimble Leaps: How to Foster an Arts Renewal

To thrive, culture groups may need to focus more on seeing, not selling.

By Diane E. Ragsdale, 31 Jul 2009


A Tyee Series

How to Expand Our Arts Communities

In a fast changing culture, seven ideas for connecting with new audiences.

By Diane E. Ragsdale, 30 Jul 2009


A Tyee Series

Arts Groups: Surviving the Culture Change

Tight budgets, shifting audiences demand creative responses. Chew on these.

By Diane E. Ragsdale, 29 Jul 2009