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Arts Groups: Surviving the Culture Change


Image by Steve Loya, shared under a Creative Commons license.

Veteran arts organizations advisor Diane Ragsdale helps today's arts administrators rethink the mission and strategy of their organizations. The goal: revitalizing arts groups, and their audience's love of arts, in a fast changing culture. The three articles in this series are drawn from Ragsdale's address given to the Vancouver Arts Summit hosted by the Alliance for Arts & Culture and 2010 Legacies Now at the Vancouver Public Library.

In This Series


Diane Ragsdale

Arts Groups: Surviving the Culture Change

Tight budgets, shifting audiences demand creative responses. Chew on these.

By Diane E. Ragsdale, 29 Jul 2009



How to Expand Our Arts Communities

In a fast changing culture, seven ideas for connecting with new audiences.

By Diane E. Ragsdale, 30 Jul 2009



Nimble Leaps: How to Foster an Arts Renewal

To thrive, culture groups may need to focus more on seeing, not selling.

By Diane E. Ragsdale, 31 Jul 2009