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Meghan Murphy

Meghan Murphy is a freelance writer in Vancouver.

Stories by Meghan Murphy


PODCAST: What did media miss in BC election? Panel includes Tyee's MacLeod

By Meghan Murphy, 14 May 2013


Assange Needs to Face Rape Allegations

Rushing to discredit his two women accusers is wrong way to protect Wikileaks founder.

By Meghan Murphy, 30 Aug 2012


Force the Sexist RCMP to Join the 21st Century

Years of downplayed offences by the Mounties demand sweeping, structural changes.

By Meghan Murphy, 24 Jul 2012


Legalizing Brothels Splits Women's Rights Advocates

Study finds indoor prostitution is safer, but opponents argue bigger dangers persist.

By Meghan Murphy, 25 Jun 2012


After criticism, Slutwalk Vancouver opts to talk, not walk

By Meghan Murphy, 15 May 2012


Couples 'Mediation' Sounds Friendlier but Can Be Dangerous

Advocates say method can put abused women at risk, urge restoring legal aid cuts.

By Meghan Murphy, 14 May 2012


'The Fallacy' and 'Scarlet Road'

Two very different docs challenge conceptions of sex work. See both at Vancouver's DOXA.

By Meghan Murphy, 5 May 2012


Does Simon Fraser University Need a Men's Centre?

Proponents argue male students require a safe space too, but opponents worry equality issues are overlooked.

By Meghan Murphy, 3 May 2012


Opening abortion debate could 'criminalize pregnant women': pro-choice group

By Meghan Murphy, 26 Apr 2012


Thirty-three years of recommendations to end violence against women

By Meghan Murphy, 25 Apr 2012


Federal cuts to health groups hurt marginalized women, say critics

By Meghan Murphy, 24 Apr 2012


On Prostitution, Can Canada Learn from the Nordic Model?

Criminalizing buyers, not sellers may enhance gender equity, but critics warn of increased danger to sex workers.

By Meghan Murphy, 11 Apr 2012