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Judith Ince

Judith Ince, a Vancouver-based journalist with a special focus on education, will be contributing reports to The Tyee.

Stories by Judith Ince


Journalism's 'Ethical Vertigo'

In the era of renegade bloggers and newsroom scandals, a UBC prof writes the book on reviving press ethics.

By Judith Ince, 17 Jan 2005


Cody's Death: How Deep an Investigation?

The Fontaine toddler died in a troubled home after social worker cutbacks. But the Liberals killed the Children's Commission -- and its power to investigate government fault. A TYEE SPECIAL REPORT

By Judith Ince, 11 Jan 2005


Charity: What Gives?

We in B.C. are among Canadians least generous to charities. So who gives? And why?

By Judith Ince, 22 Dec 2004


Teen Mom Support Fraying Says Report

B.C.'s stay-in-school programs for teen mothers said to be hurt by cuts, policy shifts.

By Judith Ince, 21 Dec 2004


Terrorism: Today’s ‘Yellow Peril’?

Author Roy Miki studied the official language that stripped his Japanese Canadian family of rights. He sees lessons for today.

By Judith Ince, 16 Dec 2004


Student Testing at Breaking Point?

Parents, teachers assail B.C.’s new Grade 10 exams. ‘Pressure is too crazy’ one mom says.

By Judith Ince, 6 Dec 2004


B.C.'s Least Safe Teens

The roots of gay bashing need more focus, says head of B.C.'s new Institute for Safe Schools.

By Judith Ince, 2 Dec 2004


Pull Welcome Mat for 'War Criminal' Bush?

Vancouver legal experts join movement to rule the U.S. president a violator of Geneva and U.N. conventions.

By Judith Ince, 26 Nov 2004

Stars of Emily Carr

The art school’s annual student show opens Friday. Here’s a preview of two strong contributors.

By Judith Ince, 25 Nov 2004


All Culture Jammed Up

'Rebel Sell' says Naomi Klein and Adbusters got a generation buying a myth that government is 'a waste of time.'

By Judith Ince, 15 Nov 2004


Bold Goal: 250 First Nations PhDs in Five Years

A Maori dynamo wants to radically ramp up the number of Aboriginal academics in B.C. He's done it before, in New Zealand.

By Judith Ince, 12 Nov 2004


Your Privacy: How Safe from U.S. Probes?

The B.C. government's response to the U.S. Patriot Act pre-empted its own privacy commissioner.

By Judith Ince, 28 Oct 2004

One Night's Focus on Poverty

This Sunday evening in Vancouver, photographs illuminate downtown eastside; murals urge change.

By Judith Ince, 15 Oct 2004


Do Corporations in Classrooms Hurt Kids?

Psychologists say alliances with companies might fill schools’ coffers, but jeopardize students’ well-being.

By Judith Ince, 14 Oct 2004


Meet the King of Parent Fundraisers

Rich, connected and controversial, Jeff Bickerstaff is perfecting the "business" of fundraising for public schools.

By Judith Ince, 6 Oct 2004


Saul Says B.C. Education Cuts Bleed Democracy

In some of Vancouver's poorest schools, author John Ralston Saul's message received nods of agreement.

By Judith Ince, 24 Sep 2004


Are Private Schools Really Better?

Working-class David Thompson outpaces private St. George's in math scores. Yet aided by widely touted school "report cards," education's public-private partnerships are growing.

By Judith Ince, 16 Jul 2004


Students' Earthquake Play Shakes Politicians

Dramatically, Vancouver teens send mayor and minister a message: Safe schools are a human right.

By Judith Ince, 24 May 2004