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Derrick O'Keefe

Stories by Derrick O'Keefe


'Another Way of Looking at the World'

Arundhati Roy in conversation on writing, politics and her latest: 'Capitalism: A Ghost Story.'

By Derrick O'Keefe and Jahanzeb Hussain, 1 Apr 2014


The Degrowth Movement Is Growing

More than 300 people gathered in Vancouver to envision a healthy society without an expanding economy.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 5 May 2010


'Gretzky's Tears'

A perfect last minute gift for hockey lovers, nationalists, and anyone who lost their innocence on Aug. 9, 1988.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 24 Dec 2009


Rail Strike's Strange Route

Canadians may be forced back to work as their US union boss sides with CN.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 22 Feb 2007


When Striking Teachers Face Death

Despite deal, Mexican educators still risk violence.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 7 Feb 2007


Pink Tide 'Pirates'

Tariq Ali surveys the new Latin left.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 12 Jan 2007


Beer League Underbelly

Bill Gaston's 'Midnight Hockey' is a riotous look at players with, um, guts.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 18 Dec 2006


'Operation Objection'

As drive for new enlistees picks up, so does 'counter-recruiting.'

By Derrick O'Keefe, 16 Nov 2006


AIDS Summit's Overlooked Hero

Dr. Paul Farmer's humble prescription is food -- and social equity.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 21 Aug 2006


'Planet of Slums'

Grim guided tour of world’s worst 'hoods.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 12 Apr 2006


Jarhead's Macho Misfire

Marines are sexist. We get it. But tell us about war.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 18 Nov 2005


The Angry, Radical 'Constant Gardener'

Le Carre's anti-corporate venom blooms in film adaptation.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 9 Sep 2005


Unspinning Haiti's 'Spiral of Violence'

Some media finally get it right. Not the Globe, though.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 12 Aug 2005


Anti-War Movement Very Much Alive

Two years after the U.S invaded Iraq, over 20 protests planned in Canada.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 18 Mar 2005


Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis Offer Their 'Take'

The power couple, whose film on an Argentinian workers' revolt opens today, discuss Bush, Iraq and 'the future of activism'.

By Derrick O'Keefe, 29 Oct 2004