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Christopher Grabowski

Christopher Grabowski's photographs and photo-essays have appeared in various European publications as well as the Globe and Mail, The Washington Post, Financial Times, El Mundo, Utne Reader, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, MacLean's, Ottawa Citizen and Geist. He has received several awards in photojournalism. Among them, the Michener-Deacon Fellowship, Canada's premier award encouraging the pursuit of investigative journalism that serves the public interest.

Stories by Christopher Grabowski


Who's Greener, Vancouver or Warsaw?

Six traffic and pollution cures the Lower Mainland can learn from Poland's capital.

By Christopher Grabowski, 4 Jun 2016


Today's Democracy Revolts, Through a Polish Lens

Decades ago, photographer and essayist Christopher Grabowski witnessed the rise of Solidarity in his homeland. Déjà vu?

By Christopher Grabowski, 6 Jul 2013


Zombie Season

Scenes from a cultural collision at the intersection of life and death, Vancouver, British Columbia.

By Christopher Grabowski, 25 Aug 2012


Artists and the Drive

Is the famed East Vancouver street still attracting creative types? Portraitist Frank Vena captures Commercial today.

By Christopher Grabowski, 13 Oct 2011


Meet the Portable Pole Dancer

Street performing has evolved. Which helps pay for Natalie Dinsdale's graduate studies in biology.

By Christopher Grabowski, 30 Aug 2011

Diaspora Drawn on the Body

The global Samoan and the enduring art of 'tatau,' photographed by Mark Adams.

By Christopher Grabowski, 15 May 2009

Orwell Lives in Poland

When Americans want to put their missiles in your town, should you be happy or sad?

By Christopher Grabowski, 13 Feb 2009


What I Saw at Poland's Election

A Polish-Canadian goes home to find Big Brother spying, a politician's suicide, and Bush with painted on horns.

By Christopher Grabowski, 7 Nov 2007


Warlords Killed My Friend

The murder of Zakia Zaki, and her nation.

By Christopher Grabowski, 19 Jun 2007

Framing Global Capitalism

Edward Burtynsky's visions of a hyper-industrialized world. A Tyee interview and photo gallery.

By Christopher Grabowski, 19 Jan 2007

'Things Nobody Would See'

Weegee on display: dark artist, first paparazzo, or both?

By Christopher Grabowski, 20 Jun 2006

Showdown on the Bluffs

Protesters arrested. A public's attention captured.

By Christopher Grabowski, 26 May 2006

He Sees through Walls

Roger LeMoyne's 'humanitarian' lens. A conversation.

By Christopher Grabowski, 16 May 2006

New Sensations from Historical Photography

'Incredible' riches come to Vancouver Gallery of Photography.

By Christopher Grabowski, 10 Mar 2006

Kabul's School for Child Labourers

When kids can't quit their day jobs, imagination meets education.

By Christopher Grabowski, 8 Feb 2005

Good Morning Jabal Saraj!

What difference could a radio station make in Afghanistan? A Vancouver non-profit helped find out.

By Christopher Grabowski, 13 May 2004

Scenes from the May Day Protest

A parade of signs professed support for strikers, vitriol towards the Campbell government.

By Christopher Grabowski, 3 May 2004