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Rex Weyler


Rex Weyler is a writer and ecologist. His books include Blood of the Land, an indigenous history of the Americas, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize; and Greenpeace: The Inside Story, which was a finalist for the BC Book Award and the Shaughnessy-Cohen Award for Political Writing.

In the 1970s, Weyler was a cofounder of Greenpeace International and editor of the Greenpeace Chronicles. He has served on campaigns to preserve wild rivers, endangered species, indigenous forest land in Argentina, and is currently active with Tanker Free BC, protecting the BC coast from tar sands oil tankers.

He writes about ecology, economics, and energy in his “Deep Green” blog at Greenpeace International, and appears on The Tyee, Energy Bulletin, and other sites. He is currently writing a book.

Reporting beat: Ecology, economy, and energy.

Connection to B.C.: Rex was born in Colorado and immigrated to Canada in 1972. He currently lives on Cortes Island, where he co-founded the Hollyhock education centre.

Twitter: @rex_weyler

Personal website:

Stories by Rex Weyler


To Save Our Ecology, We Must Move Beyond Hope

Fifty years of 'environmentalism' and we're less sustainable. So what do we do now?

By Rex Weyler, 10 Aug 2012


Greenpeace at 40: An Album of 'Mind Bomb' Images

From its Vancouver inception, Greenpeace knew the camera's power to shock and inspire, co-founder Rex Weyler explains. A Tyee photo gallery.

By Rex Weyler, 15 Sep 2011


What Happened on the BP Oil Rig?

The facts, now out, are detailed here. The moral reckoning has yet to begin.

By Rex Weyler, 18 Jun 2010


What's in an Acronym?

Undefined EAJs send journalist OTE.

By Rex Weyler, 3 Jul 2009


A Tyee Series

Idea #10: Biophysical Economics

In the future, economists will return to earth.

By Rex Weyler, 2 Jan 2009


Attacking Margaret Atwood: Are Limits to Growth Real?

She's been flayed in the Ottawa Citizen for her ideas about scarcity. But who's the 'slack, lazy' one?

By Rex Weyler, 25 Nov 2008


Back from Extinction

BC's forgotten Sinixt Nation reoccupies its homeland. A tale of tenacity and joyous rebirth.

By Rex Weyler, 30 Jun 2008


Plan Well or Perish

Vancouver architect Richard Balfour on readying his region for oil scarcity.

By Rex Weyler, 27 Mar 2008


A Love that Feeds the Hunger

Author Sara Miles on her spiritual quest to help the poor.

By Rex Weyler, 14 Feb 2008


Delivering 'Framed' John Graham

He faces a US murder warrant. New evidence suggests he's the victim of smears.

By Rex Weyler, 16 May 2007


Green Spin Out of Control

Forests and seas healing! Oil aplenty! And more eco-baloney.

By Rex Weyler, 15 Dec 2006


Will Teachers Leave BC Fed?

BCTF mulls strike – and staying in labour federation.

By Rex Weyler, 14 Mar 2006


Who Gets to Use Hank's Beach?

Cortes Island tussle a case study in disappearing BC forest land.

By Rex Weyler, 28 Feb 2006


Jim Green, The Tyee Interview

Vancouver Vision's mayoral candidate on the big split, cops, drugs, gambling, panhandlers and more.

By Rex Weyler, 17 Nov 2005


Did the Greens Put the BC Liberals Back in Office?

They may have, depending on estimates. Efforts renew to pursue an NDP-Green alliance.

By Rex Weyler, 30 May 2005


Why Are We Still Hunting Seals?

Canada keeps subsidizing the clubbing and skinning of infant seals in their nursery.

By Rex Weyler, 11 Apr 2005

Greenpeace Visits the Pope

The activists' papal audience began with a comic cloak-and-dagger deportation from Paris.

By Rex Weyler, 10 Sep 2004

Remembering a Great Legal Warrior

David Gibbons, the famed B.C. defence lawyer who died last week, fought for Greenpeace in its early days. A first-hand account.

By Rex Weyler, 10 Sep 2004

Greenpeace Gets a Name

In 1970, a Vancouver anti-nuclear activist casually uttered the words "green peace" and a great movement was launched.

By Rex Weyler, 10 Sep 2004

Greenpeace Tracks the Russians

In 1976, a converted Canadian minesweeper zeroed in on the Russian whaling fleet in the North Pacific.

By Rex Weyler, 10 Sep 2004


Tell Laura I Love Her

My class reunion took me back to Texas and memories of tragic, sweet Laura. The Laura who married George, and became America's First Lady.

By Rex Weyler, 15 Mar 2004