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Peter MacLeod

Stories by Peter MacLeod


A Tyee Series

Idea #9: Progressive Populism

BC is at the centre of a new wave of political participation.

By Peter MacLeod, 1 Jan 2009


Polling to the People!

We pay vast sums so parties can poll. Their findings should be made public.

By Peter MacLeod, 10 Jul 2008


Dion Plays the Gender Card, and It's a Good One

Plan for parity spices up Lib race.

By Peter MacLeod, 14 Jul 2006


Let My Bureaucrats Go!

Civil servant 'orientation' trips to Ottawa are worth the money.

By Peter MacLeod, 11 Jul 2006


15 Big Ideas from 2005 (Part 2)

Seven last ones for Canada and BC. Tell us yours!

By Peter MacLeod, 30 Dec 2005


15 Big Ideas from 2005

For BC, Canada and the world. Add your own!

By Peter MacLeod, 29 Dec 2005


Smart Trends in Serving Citizens

'ReState' is our new series on redesigning government.

By Peter MacLeod, 7 Dec 2005


Time to Join the 'Eurosphere'

Europe is figuring out a better future. Canada belongs there, too.

By Peter MacLeod, 2 Oct 2005