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Paul Ramsey

Paul Ramsey is a former NDP MLA and Cabinet Minister, now a visiting professor in the Political Science Program at UNBC. A version of this column appeared in the Prince George Citizen.

Stories by Paul Ramsey


Round up the Usual Squeegee Kids

I've never met a child who wanted to grow up to scrape windshields for handouts.

By Paul Ramsey, 19 Oct 2004


Treaties in Bunches? Don't Bet on It

Despite bold optimism in Victoria, First Nations may not be eager to ink final agreements.

By Paul Ramsey, 4 Oct 2004


Public Access Denied

Liberals pledged 'transparency' but secrecy shrouds a lot of the province's business deals.

By Paul Ramsey, 2 Sep 2004


The Premiers' Drug Deception

Their national pharmacare idea may sound good, but it's weak medicine. Here's a better approach.

By Paul Ramsey, 24 Aug 2004


Get Ready for Oily Campaign

Offshore oil and gas drilling will be a hot B.C. election issue. Brace for wild claims.

By Paul Ramsey, 17 Aug 2004


Campbell's Empty Economic Boasting

Politicians claim too much credit for business factors beyond their control.

By Paul Ramsey, 28 Jul 2004


Gordon Campbell's 'Mr. Good News' Strategy

The premier will woo voters with lots of glad tidings in the election season ahead. Will it fly?

By Paul Ramsey, 16 Jul 2004


BC Rail contract keeps on leaking

New surprises highlight need to make the whole deal public.

By Paul Ramsey, 19 Apr 2004


Ten Key Questions on the Next B.C. Election

The writ will drop in just 12 months, and by then the answers will be much clearer.

By Paul Ramsey, 19 Apr 2004


Liberals Winning at Class Warfare

The Liberals used to accuse the NDP of waging class warfare. Now they've proven to be masters at it.

By Paul Ramsey, 5 Apr 2004


School Wars will Rage

Education Minister Christensen is right when he says B.C. teachers are "playing politics." But the game is serious, and likely to get rough.

By Paul Ramsey, 15 Mar 2004


How Liberals Will Balance the Budget

Six ways to go from massive deficit to balanced books almost overnight.

By Paul Ramsey, 9 Feb 2004


Victoria Passes Down the Pain

Downloading, soft-loading, off-loading: Any way you spell it, local governments get stuck with the cost of provincial cuts.

By Paul Ramsey, 23 Jan 2004


What to Expect from Victoria in 2004

More privatized assets, imposed collective agreements, cuts to services, and hiked taxes and tuition are in the Liberals' game plan for the new year.

By Paul Ramsey, 1 Jan 2004


Which Side Won the Ferry Strike?

It could be the union, by heading off a radical plan for restructuring the corporation.

By Paul Ramsey, 19 Dec 2003


Can We Elect a Woman?

Carole James now must survive where "alpha males" vie "for control of a baboon group." To win, she'll have to change B.C.'s political culture.

By Paul Ramsey, 28 Nov 2003