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Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson is journalist in Vancouver who specializes in science and the environment. She has reported for CBC Radio in Vancouver, Toronto, and Nelson, B.C.

Stories by Lisa Johnson


A Tyee Series

Go North and Prosper?

Elizabeth Hay on the Canadian romance with radio and the Arctic.

By Lisa Johnson, 3 Oct 2007


What's All the 'Hula Hoopla' about?

It's spreading like wildfire. You could be next.

By Lisa Johnson, 24 Aug 2005


They go big, I stay home.

Why I’ll never go to another stadium show.

By Lisa Johnson, 29 Apr 2005


How Good a Doctor Is the Net?

I'm one of millions who try to self-diagnose using health info online. My prescription: Be careful!

By Lisa Johnson, 4 Oct 2004


Life After Cannibal Cows

It's going to cost the beef industry to be BSE-free, but some B.C. ranchers have already adapted, and the rest have little choice

By Lisa Johnson, 10 Feb 2004


Confessions of a Cosmo Lover

I've hidden this secret too long from my political friends. I'm ready to self-deconstruct!

By Lisa Johnson, 2 Jan 2004


Would a Shot Really Stop it?

Flu vaccines are never a sure thing. This year less than half may work. Beyond the hype, when is a flu shot really worth it?

By Lisa Johnson, 8 Dec 2003