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Justin Ritchie


Justin Ritchie is the co-host of the radio show, The Extraenvironmentalist, broadcasting on CiTR 101.9 in Vancouver and podcasting online. He is interested in issues of how to build a new society given that our current global order is failing. Justin also works as the AMS Sustainability Coordinator at UBC, where he runs the Sustainability Projects Fund that distributes funding for related projects to students on campus. Through his work as a graduate student at UBC in Materials Engineering, Justin is studying and working on advancing solar cell technology.

Reporting Beat: The current transition from a globalized civilization based on principles of infinite growth to a society that is grappling with shrinking energy availability.

Twitter: @jritch

Website: Justin Ritchie


Stories by Justin Ritchie


A Tyee Series

Next Economy: Tech Capitalism’s Impossible Dream

Author Doug Rushkoff on how digital platforms are marching us over a financial cliff while ruining the Web.

By Justin Ritchie, 9 Dec 2016


A Tyee Series

Next Economy: Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World?

For-profits are so over, say authors. Part of a Tyee series on capitalism’s crisis.

By Justin Ritchie, 26 Aug 2016


A Tyee Series

Next Economy: Bitcoin and New Ways to Do Money

Why cryptocurrency is hot politics. Next in Tyee's series on capitalism in crisis.

By Justin Ritchie, 21 Jun 2016


A Tyee Series

Next Economy: The Coming 'Age of Stagnation'

Author Satyajit Das kicks off Tyee series on global capitalism's crisis.

By Justin Ritchie, 25 Apr 2016


Why Divestment Warriors Should Diversify Their Strategy

Analysis shows that petro-divesting alone can't finance the needed energy transition.

By Hadi Dowlatabadi and Justin Ritchie, 29 Jan 2015


A Tyee Series

Idea #1: 'MOOC': Saviour of Higher Ed?

'Massive online open courses' may just quell the next student debt revolt. First in a series of Inspiring Ideas for 2013.

By Justin Ritchie, 19 Dec 2012


Canada's Prized Customer China May Prove a Mirage

China's energy imports are slowing and some experts see cracks in its economy. Should Canada be selling so hard?

By Justin Ritchie, 10 Oct 2012


Clean Energy's Dirty Secrets

Fantasies of a renewable future obscure our big climate responsibilities, says Ozzie Zehner in 'Green Illusions.'

By Justin Ritchie, 27 Sep 2012


Planting the Seedstock, Vancouver's New Currency

Though past local initiatives never took root, a new system targeting food production aims to buck the trend.

By Justin Ritchie, 6 Jul 2012


Visualizing BC's Climate Changed Future

How to drive home the impacts of a warming province? Stephen Sheppard and his UBC team offer a glimpse.

By Justin Ritchie, 28 Apr 2012


Bill Rees' Last Lecture

Retiring after 40 years, one of Canada's intellectual eco-giants leaves behind a tremendous footprint.

By Justin Ritchie, 2 Feb 2012


Is Canada Ignoring Signs of a Coming Economic Collapse?

Two experts lecturing in Vancouver warn resource-rich nations aren't immune.

By Justin Ritchie, 1 Feb 2012


Do Less with Less, and Love It

That's the message of Vancouver's Degrowth advocates, who scoff at city hall's 'greenest city' pledge.

By Justin Ritchie, 12 Dec 2011


Postcard from Europe, Verging on Collapse

I spent my vacation with protesters and feral dogs in roiling Greece and Granada. Wish you were here?

By Justin Ritchie, 1 Sep 2011


Reinventing Collapse in the US

With the American economy teetering, Dmitry Orlov sees similarities in another 'superpower collapse.' Is he just a doomsayer?

By Justin Ritchie, 27 Jul 2011