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Next Economy: A Tyee Series about Business Not as Usual


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What kind of future will we inhabit? A growing community of analysts say we're moving toward a job-scarce 'gig' economy, a sharing economy, a hyper-innovation economy, a widening wealth gap economy, a post-carbon economy, a robotized economy, a no-growth economy... and worse. Or better. This occasional Tyee series interviews leading thinkers tracking the trends. How they make sense of them ranges from the Utopian to the deeply pessimistic. None anticipate business as usual.

In This Series



Next Economy: The Coming 'Age of Stagnation'

Author Satyajit Das kicks off Tyee series on global capitalism's crisis.

By Justin Ritchie, 25 Apr 2016



Next Economy: Bitcoin and New Ways to Do Money

Why cryptocurrency is hot politics. Next in Tyee's series on capitalism in crisis.

By Justin Ritchie, 21 Jun 2016


Money tree

Next Economy: Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World?

For-profits are so over, say authors. Part of a Tyee series on capitalism’s crisis.

By Justin Ritchie, 26 Aug 2016



Next Economy: Tech Capitalism’s Impossible Dream

Author Doug Rushkoff on how digital platforms are marching us over a financial cliff while ruining the Web.

By Justin Ritchie, 9 Dec 2016