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Jeremy Keehn

Jeremy Keehn, based in Vancouver, has reported for CBC Montreal and freelanced for CBC Radio and the UBC Thunderbird.

Stories by Jeremy Keehn


What if We'd Gone to Iraq?

Harper said staying out was 'a serious mistake.' Was it?

By Jeremy Keehn, 19 Jan 2006


In School's Out Door

Matt Hern wants alternatives to "jamming" education down children's throats.

By Jeremy Keehn, 16 Sep 2004


How We Razed the Affordable House

B.C. once had a model approach to subsidized housing. Now we have crisis, outcry and piecemeal solutions.

By Jeremy Keehn, 3 May 2004


Had We Only Known

The world was unprepared in April 1994 when genocide racked Rwanda. In months, more than half a million died. Ten years on, the media still struggle to warn us of risk, but there are signs of hope.

By Jeremy Keehn, 5 Apr 2004


'I Believe in War'

Its leader slain, Hamas vows Israel 'has opened the gates of hell.' How did we get here? Then I recall the words, six years before, of a Palestinian work buddy.

By Jeremy Keehn, 22 Mar 2004


Public Service Annoyances

Preachy ads keep urging us to stop pirating cable, pressuring kids, and going to Hell. Do they work?

By Jeremy Keehn, 9 Feb 2004


Charity Gone to Extremes

Stripping Santas? Where's the risk? 'Tis the season for crazy stunts for good causes.

By Jeremy Keehn, 23 Dec 2003