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James Thomson

Jimmy Thomson is a producer at Hakai Institute and editor at The Syrup Trap.

Stories by James Thomson


A Tyee Series

Six Ways Climate Change Is Getting Personal in BC

It's here and already causing people to struggle and adapt in new ways.

By James Thomson, 19 Oct 2015


What's that Blob Doing in Our Ocean?

Scientists explain why warm weather marine creatures are swimming north.

By James Thomson, 18 Sep 2015


In Canada's Arctic, a Cultural History Crumbles

Ellesmere Island's ice shelves are fading, and with them the legacies of polar explorers.

By James Thomson, 10 Jul 2015


How to Save One of BC's Last, Great Co-op Ski Hills

Ask the volunteers of Mount Cain and they'll say there's snow grader love.

By James Thomson, 16 Mar 2013


Kurt Peats: BC Cons' Great Northern Hope

One of the party's top candidates on his drive to represent Peace River South's 'hardworking' voters. A Tyee interview.

By James Thomson, 17 Jan 2013


Government exempts 'low-impact' mining activities from permit process

By James Thomson, 21 Dec 2012


World without Malls

Photojournalist Robert Semeniuk's stunning new book takes us inside the kinds of spaces where most people still shop.

By James Thomson, 21 Dec 2012


It's Hockey Nightmare in Canada for the CBC

Coffer-draining lockout may be preview for life without NHL ad revenues after 2014.

By Rachel Bergen, Emma Smith and James Thomson, 20 Dec 2012


Government announces ban on gas extraction in Sacred Headwaters

By James Thomson, 18 Dec 2012


Fracking ban in Sacred Headwaters set to expire Dec. 18

By James Thomson, 14 Dec 2012


More BCers oppose Gateway pipeline after map controversy, ad blitz: poll

By James Thomson, 11 Dec 2012