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Climate Change Gets Personal


Island Scallops CEO Rob Saunders: shellfish entrepreneur faces an unexpected blow to the bottom line: carbon dioxide linked to climate change. Image by Nik West.

Top science journalists Colleen Kimmett, Joshua Rapp Learn, Christopher Pollon and Ed Struzik explore how climate change is hitting home in various regions of Canada, from the tide battling coast of B.C. to the drought-stricken ranges of Alberta, to the flood walloped insurers of Ontario to the polar bear magnet that is Churchill, Manitoba. This series is a Tyee project with media partners including Huffington Post Canada and the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. Other publications are welcome to reprint any of these pieces. To arrange, contact

In This Series



Six Ways Climate Change Is Getting Personal in BC

It's here and already causing people to struggle and adapt in new ways.

By James Thomson, 19 Oct 2015


Crescent Beach

Climate Change vs. Crescent Beach

One BC town's war against the rising sea and so-called 'king tides.' Part of new 'Climate Change Gets Personal' series.

By Christopher Pollon, 11 Nov 2015



Seven Ways Climate Change Is Getting Personal in Ontario

From hiking to swimming, sipping to shipping, how shifting weather patterns are changing lives in the province.

By Joshua Rapp Learn, 12 Nov 2015



Why the Critters in Your Backyard Aren't Who They Used to Be

How a warming climate is driving changes to urban ecosystems.

By Colleen Kimmett, 13 Nov 2015



So You Want to Be a Polar Bear Wrangler?

The job in Churchill, Manitoba keeps getting harder, thanks to climate change.

By Ed Struzik, 16 Nov 2015


Alberta cattle ranchers

Don't Tell These Ranchers Climate Change Isn't Real

The push to make Alberta's cattle ranges drought resistant.

By Ed Struzik, 17 Nov 2015



Six Ways Climate Change Is Getting Personal in the Prairies

From ski hills to saw mills, how lives are already being affected.

By Joshua Rapp Learn, 18 Nov 2015


Calgary flood of 2013

Bracing for the Next Deluge

Two years after Calgary's great flood, what is being done to prepare for the next one?

By Ed Struzik, 19 Nov 2015



Six Ways Climate Change Is Getting Personal in Atlantic Canada

Like tuna, lobster, birds, trees? Hate snow shovelling? Read on.

By Joshua Rapp Learn, 20 Nov 2015



The Scallop Farmer's Acid Test

How more CO2 in BC waters has a shellfish industry fighting for its future.

By Christopher Pollon, 23 Nov 2015


Burlington floods

Homeowner? Brace for Flood of Insurance Hikes

As storms rise, so do bills for Ontario cities, citizens. How to keep costs lower.

By Colleen Kimmett, 24 Nov 2015



For Ski Hill Denizens, Rocky Patches Ahead

How climate change is changing the business and lifestyle of skiing in Canada.

By Joshua Rapp Learn, 25 Nov 2015