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David Ravensbergen

David Ravensbergen is a Vancouver writer.

Stories by David Ravensbergen


Tar sands are 'Canada's Mordor': Barlow

By David Ravensbergen, 14 Dec 2009


In the heart of Copenhagen, a 'people's' climate forum

By David Ravensbergen, 12 Dec 2009


Dear Editor, Ken Whyte Says You're Boring

The Hearst biographer on biased snobs, media barons and the real reason newspapers are dying.

By David Ravensbergen, 20 Feb 2009


Nam Le, Defender of Fiction

Famous young author says this may be best time ever to be a writer.

By David Ravensbergen, 27 Nov 2008


Had David Foster Wallace Lived to See Obama Win...

Would the brilliant ironist cling to his belief that politics is a hurtful lie?

By David Ravensbergen, 7 Nov 2008


Be Nice to the 'Creative Class'!

Academic star Richard Florida says cities must pander to flighty creative types. There goes the neighbourhood?

By David Ravensbergen, 5 Aug 2008


Talking with Richard Florida

The urban guru on Vancouver's green beauty, high costs, Olympic fever and more.

By David Ravensbergen, 5 Aug 2008