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David Berner

Stories by David Berner


A Tyee Series

Addicted to Red Tape

Open a treatment centre? 'No' is the official habit.

By David Berner, 19 Apr 2006


A Tyee Series

Drug Treatment Can Work

My ten years on the front lines proved it.

By David Berner, 18 Apr 2006


A Tyee Series

Mayor Sullivan Wimps out on Drug Treatment

On so critical an issue, he's tough to pin down.

By David Berner, 17 Apr 2006


The Rabbi Is Plugged In

The world is a blackberry and other Hanukkah reflections.

By David Berner, 27 Dec 2005


The Impatient Patient

Pushing back at doctors has been good for me.

By David Berner, 26 Oct 2005


Freeze! It's the Gelato Police!

Vancouver's hard line against pleasurable, profitable street life.

By David Berner, 22 Aug 2005


What a Doctor Knows about Death

Dr. M has seen enough to know he doesn't want to be kept alive too long. Or die 'for nothing.'

By David Berner, 2 Feb 2005


Going South for the Big Pitch

I traveled down the well-worn path to Hollywood to pitch a ‘concept’. Notes from a very foreign land.

By David Berner, 20 Dec 2004


Against Tarantino

I've had it with his myth, mouth, and morality-free movies.

By David Berner, 31 Aug 2004


Why Blame the Halfway House?

Absurd: Letting Eric Fish kill again after taking 'anger management'. Final absurdity: razing his halfway house.

By David Berner, 25 Aug 2004


Why Health Care is a Leaky Condo

There's not a repairman in sight, because plugging all those little money holes brings little glamour to politicians.

By David Berner, 21 Jul 2004


Why Gay Marriage Is Here to Stay

Same-sex weddings are very, very good for the economy. You do the math.

By David Berner, 15 Jul 2004