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Allison Griner

Stories by Allison Griner


In Kootenay, Columbia River Treaty a Hot Election Issue

Renegotiations with US start next year with hundreds of millions of dollars in play.

By Allison Griner, 2 May 2013


Vancouver Vies for 'Ultimate' Glory

The Nighthawks compete on the nation's behalf as the flying disc hits the major leagues.

By Allison Griner and Carlos Tello, 27 Apr 2013


BC Election 2013 Hot Riding: Kamloops-North Thompson

Enviro Minister Terry Lake faces uprising by Kamloops doctors worried about open pit mine at city's edge.

By Allison Griner, 25 Apr 2013


Conservative candidate's Twitter remarks lead to firing

By Allison Griner, 24 Apr 2013


BC Ready to Experiment with Pot Reform: Poll

Legalization could reduce violence and lower the deficit, but advocates hear only 'deafening silence' from leaders.

By Allison Griner, 20 Apr 2013


Nine new additions to BC Conservative roster

By Allison Griner, 19 Apr 2013


Setting the stakes: 18 groups on what matters this election

By Allison Griner and Robyn Smith, 16 Apr 2013


Who Says BC's Election Is a Bore?

There's plenty at stake, say 18 groups who shared their agendas with The Tyee. Add your voice!

By Allison Griner, 16 Apr 2013


BC Conservatives promise gang crime unit if elected

By Allison Griner, 10 Apr 2013


CARTOON: Move over, Billy Mays -- Christy Clark pays for TV time

By Allison Griner, 9 Apr 2013


Two years, two record-breaking fundraisers for BC Libs

By Allison Griner, 8 Apr 2013


VIDEO: Sushi Women

One of few traditionally-trained female sushi chefs in Vancouver, Etsuko Needham charts new waters.

By Garrett Hinchey, Meghan Mast, Zoe Tennant and Allison Griner, 23 Mar 2013