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Rob Peters

Rob Peters is navigating the harsh vicissitudes of life

Stories by Rob Peters


The Hipster's Dilemma

They're calling people like me vapid colonizers, and worse. Valid?

By Rob Peters, 15 Aug 2008


The Death of Pleasure Blogging

Is the golden age of the digital diarist already over?

By Rob Peters, 24 Jun 2008


Should I Friend My Mom?

Facebookers, heed my advice. Fence out the family.

By Rob Peters, 6 May 2008


Hollywoodstein Hobbled!

Dare to dream of digital filmtopia. Something for everyone, thanks to 'the long tail.'

By Rob Peters, 11 Oct 2006


The Quest for the Perfect Pub

Why it's hard to find a satisfying drink in Vancouver. How about where you live?

By Rob Peters, 25 Aug 2006

Pride and Prejudiced

A history of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender milestones, in Vancouver and around the world.

By Rob Peters, 4 Aug 2006


Vancouver: Street Party Central

But destined to be the victim of success?

By Rob Peters, 3 Jul 2006


'Heavy! Hard!' and Hip

Urban curling. Ironically, I'm sensing a new way of life.

By Rob Peters, 31 May 2006