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Max Fawcett


Max Fawcett is a Vancouver-born journalist who now lives and works as a magazine editor in Edmonton, AB, and may or may not be suffering from the geographical equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome...he finds himself strangely attracted to Calgary, for example, which might be seen as a symptom. In any event, Max still keeps a watchful eye on his hometown and hopes that it might one day be affordable enough for someone from his generation to live there without bankrupting themselves or signing up for a lifetime of indebted servitude.

Reporting Beat: Business

What does Max care most about in the world?: Rational, reason-based solutions and the eradication of ideological thinking.

Twitter: @maxfawcett


Stories by Max Fawcett


A Tyee Series

Must the 'Big Smoke' Always Get Its Way?

Site C as bully politics. Rural citizens are sick of seeing what they love ruined to satisfy ungrateful urbanites. Last of five.

By Max Fawcett, 9 Apr 2010


A Tyee Series

The Myth of a Power-Starved BC

'Run of river' energy plus Site C? Does BC really need so much electricity or have our politicians gone dam crazy? Four of five.

By Max Fawcett, 8 Apr 2010


A Tyee Series

Peace Could Create Plenty of Green Energy Without Site C

Why kill a valley when its region is rich in wind and geothermal energy?

By Max Fawcett, 7 Apr 2010


A Tyee Series

Site C Would Drown a Vital BC Breadbasket

The mega-project would wipe out one of the province's most fertile food producing valleys. Second of five.

By Max Fawcett, 6 Apr 2010


A Tyee Series

The Case against the Site C Dam

A reporter's Peace River journey against a powerful current of dubious assumptions and official spin. First of five parts this week.

By Max Fawcett, 5 Apr 2010


Urbanites Unite!

Time for a federal party of city dwellers.

By Max Fawcett, 5 Dec 2007


Hey Boomers, Stop Banging Us

Young people are tired of your baseless lectures.

By Max Fawcett, 26 Sep 2007