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Maura Forrest

Stories by Maura Forrest


Why Canada's Three Northern Premiers Reject Carbon Pricing

Their regions are hard hit by climate change, yet territorial leaders won't budge.

By Maura Forrest, 25 May 2016


After Mount Polley, a Recipe for Better Mines

Yes, we can create a more responsible, even sustainable industry.

By Maura Forrest, 25 Aug 2014


Mount Polley Fish, Water Samples Show High Metal Concentrations

'Some concerns' remain for aquatic life, officials say.

By Maura Forrest, 23 Aug 2014


IPP Chips in for Spotted Owl Recovery, then Chips Away at Habitat

Industry gains access to small part of wildlife area as part of government deal.

By Maura Forrest, 20 Aug 2014


Northern BC Mine Suspended as Experts Probe Polley Spill

Development of Morrison project near Smithers now on hold.

By Maura Forrest, 19 Aug 2014


Tailings Dams 'Have Not Breached,' Says Minister... Except When They Have

Several other incidents offer insights into BC spill.

By Maura Forrest, 15 Aug 2014


Minister Polak's False Statement on Mine Inspections

And more of the Tyee's coverage (so far) attempting to separate fact from spin on the Mount Polley disaster.

By Maura Forrest, 14 Aug 2014


Mine Spill Toxins: 'It's Early Days Yet' Says UBC Expert

Mount Polley water ban partly lifted, but questions remain about contamination, next steps.

By Maura Forrest, 9 Aug 2014


Who Pays for Catastrophes? Mining Firms Enjoy Double Standard

In BC, miners not subject to government's spill contingency requirements for oil pipeline builders.

By Maura Forrest, 8 Aug 2014