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Matthew Mallon

Stories by Matthew Mallon


Brian Eno's Sex on the Brain

Bio reveals the secret of a rock genius -- create like a horny termite.

By Matthew Mallon, 5 Oct 2009


Think France Is Fragmenting Now?

Graham Robb's weird, myth-busting history found a 'crazed human landscape of tribes'.

By Matthew Mallon, 4 Sep 2009


Hollywood's Greatest Year?

As studios disgorge summer schlock, 1967 beckons like a celluloid dream.

By Matthew Mallon, 5 Aug 2009


When It Was Charlie Chaplin's World

The birth of global fame in Glen David Gold's 'Sunnyside.'

By Matthew Mallon, 29 Jul 2009


Postcard: Among the Paris protesters

By Matthew Mallon, 1 Feb 2009


Obama’s era: Letter from Paris

By Matthew Mallon, 5 Nov 2008


Accidental 'Alice, I Think'

Nanaimo's Susan Juby didn't know she was writing a young adult novel bound for network TV, but she's accepted fate.

By Matthew Mallon, 11 Oct 2006


The Cartoon 'Palestine'

Joe Sacco's war comics are not like the others.

By Matthew Mallon, 22 Sep 2006


Taylor Builds His House

Story House blends architecture, counterfeiting and boxing to tell us about ourselves. Part two of a two-part interview.

By Matthew Mallon, 16 Jun 2006


Taylor Writes Us In

Vancouver isn't exactly an 'unwritten city,' but the Story House author is building a better narrative. Part one of a two-part interview.

By Matthew Mallon, 15 Jun 2006