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Jim Boothroyd

Jim Boothroyd, a former reporter and editor for the Montreal Gazette, is a Vancouver-based freelance writer who also works as a communications manager in HIV/AIDS and health outcomes research.

Stories by Jim Boothroyd


A Huge Weight

You're the envy of your 'green bloc.' But you hide a secret. Just sweep it under the rug?

By Jim Boothroyd, 11 Oct 2013


Canada’s supervised ‘drinking sites’ for street alcoholics

By Jim Boothroyd, 14 Nov 2008


Pakistan uses supervised injection sites to battle HIV epidemic

By Jim Boothroyd, 13 Nov 2008


Jailed drug users far more likely to share needles later

By Jim Boothroyd, 12 Nov 2008


Vancouver city hall stiffs major urban health conference

By Jim Boothroyd, 6 Nov 2008


Urban health experts plug people power

By Jim Boothroyd, 3 Nov 2008


Hook’s guest blogger covers big urban health conference media largely ignored

By Jim Boothroyd, 31 Oct 2008


Letter Home from France

'Migrant moments' humbly shared by a former Vancouverite.

By Jim Boothroyd, 16 Mar 2006


Welfare Cut-off Imperils Vancouver Drug Strategy

A TYEE SPECIAL REPORT Police and others carrying out Vancouver's Four Pillars drug strategy say the province's $10 million investment may be wasted if April's welfare cut-offs trigger more addiction, poverty and unruly streets.

By Jim Boothroyd, 15 Jan 2004