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Jennifer Jacquet

Jennifer Jacquet, an environmental economist, is with the Sea Around Us Project (SAUP) and the UBC Fisheries Centre.

Stories by Jennifer Jacquet


A Tyee Series

Idea #6: Vertical Agitation

Peer pressure does encourage others to adopt eco-conscious behaviour. But to make a real difference, you need to go straight to the top.

By Jennifer Jacquet, 28 Dec 2009


Something's Fishy about this Eco-Stamp of Approval

Scooping up wild fish to feed to farm animals just doesn't make sense.

By Daniel Pauly and Jennifer Jacquet, 14 Sep 2009


Tried the Slimehead? Delicious!

How renaming fish is hastening their extinction.

By Jennifer Jacquet, 20 Oct 2008


Finished with Your Fish?

Seafood loving author gulps at fate of our oceans.

By Jennifer Jacquet, 15 May 2008


The Toothfish that Bit Al Gore

Chilean sea bass: overfished, confusing, and political dynamite.

By Jennifer Jacquet, 20 Jul 2007


Save Our Oceans, Eat Like a Pig

Let's stop wasting tasty fish on animal feed.

By Jennifer Jacquet, 17 Apr 2007


Consumers Alone Can't Save Our Fish

It'll take a boat load of votes, too.

By Jennifer Jacquet, 16 Feb 2007