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Jane Armstrong

Stories by Jane Armstrong


'A Better Place on Earth' Charts BC's Growing Wealth Divide

'We are at a critical juncture.' A Q and A with author (and Tyeester) Andrew MacLeod.

By Jane Armstrong, 20 Apr 2015


Two More Great Reasons to Support Tyee's Election Reporting Fund

And one massive thank you to those who've already pitched in.

By Jane Armstrong, 30 Mar 2015


Help Build Canada's Best Independent Election Reporting Team

With such a high-stakes election around the corner, we need your support.

By Jane Armstrong, 23 Mar 2015


Tyee Reporter Part of Election Fraud Talk Tonight in Victoria

A federal vote is on the horizon. Time to bone up on election issues.

By Jane Armstrong, 28 Jan 2015


Tyee Contributing Cartoonists Wield their Pens for Charlie Hebdo

If the Paris killers' intent was to silence sharp observers of society, they failed.

By Jane Armstrong, 8 Jan 2015


Tyee Journalists: Our Favourite Stories of 2014

Our beat reporters share the work that made them proud this year.

By Jane Armstrong, 30 Dec 2014


Tyee legislative reporter sets agenda on health ministry firings review

By Jane Armstrong, 21 Nov 2014