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Grant Shilling

Grant Shilling is the author of The Cedar Surf: An Informal History of Surfing in British Columbia, from New Star Books. He is also a community health worker for the Vancouver Island Health Authority.

Stories by Grant Shilling


The Trouble with Seawalls

In Tofino, surfers and property owners debate how best to manage the waves.

By Grant Shilling, 10 Aug 2010


'A Rebel History of Rural Life'

That's the subtitle to a memoir about the 'trauma' and pleasures of farming on Salt Spring.

By Grant Shilling, 13 Nov 2009


Fidel Don't Surf

But some Cubans do, so I brought a nine-foot gift.

By Grant Shilling, 19 Feb 2008


Jane Rule Wrote of 'Jailable' Love

Pioneering lesbian voice was Galiano's lifeguard, too.

By Grant Shilling, 7 Dec 2007


Surfers versus Suburb

As Coleman's land deal is probed, a wave of anger builds.

By Grant Shilling, 27 Nov 2007


Working-Class Dignity

Ivan E. Coyote's novel 'Bow Grip' busts stereotypes with a cello-playing mechanic.

By Grant Shilling, 18 Jan 2007


On the Edge of Eden

Frank Harper's 'Journeys' looks at what he found and lost beyond Tofino's Whiskey Dock.

By Grant Shilling, 17 Jan 2007


Poetry as History

Maxine Gadd's 'Backup to Babylon' remembers B.C.'s bygone radicalism.

By Grant Shilling, 15 Nov 2006


The Vanished Bears of Cumberland

Last fall, bruins invaded. Many were killed. This year none showed.

By Grant Shilling, 5 Oct 2005


Ucluelet's Chairman of the Boards

In a logging town that also happens to be the surfing capital of B.C., Billy Leach has a dream. He wants to build better rides for the world.

By Grant Shilling, 9 Dec 2003