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Dorothy Bartoszewski

Stories by Dorothy Bartoszewski


Love Offering to the Stein

Gordon White's definitive guide to a magical place.

By Dorothy Bartoszewski, 15 Sep 2008


Your Russian Mafia Press Kit

Hollywood loves 'em, and how about those tats?

By Dorothy Bartoszewski, 8 Oct 2007


'Twas the Season to be Catty

I'm bruised from body shots at the holiday bash.

By Dorothy Bartoszewski, 4 Jan 2006


A Tyee Series

Wanna Jam?

Habitat Jam, that is, an online prelude to the World Urban Forum.

By Dorothy Bartoszewski, 2 Dec 2005


Sex up 'Sustainability'

Because life and death issues can't afford to bore.

By Dorothy Bartoszewski, 15 Nov 2005


Justin Trudeau’s Unity Strategy

He stumps for his father’s Katimavik program, while others excuse the sponsorship scandal.

By Dorothy Bartoszewski, 23 Feb 2005

Nice Snowing You

How fleetingly sweet is the flaky stuff the rest of Canada takes for granted.

By Dorothy Bartoszewski, 17 Jan 2005


Vancouver Police Strip Searches Challenged

Adding a voice to mounting criticism, 'punk riot' onlooker claims Vancouver police subjected her to degrading ordeal.

By Dorothy Bartoszewski, 12 Oct 2004