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Dennis Howlett

Dennis Howlett

Dennis Howlett, executive director of Canadians for Tax Fairness, was national co-ordinator of Make Poverty History, helping lead successful campaigns for poverty reduction plans at the provincial and federal levels.

Stories by Dennis Howlett


Canada’s Tax System Is Still Subsidizing the Ultra Rich

Costly loopholes continue to benefit the one per cent, but little is done.

By Dennis Howlett, 6 Jun 2017


What Tax Avoidance Costs Us (For One, Pharmacare)

Eliminating use of havens could save Canada billions every year. It could be well spent.

By Dennis Howlett, 29 Aug 2016


Canada Joins 21st Century Fight against Tax Dodgers

Federal budget earmarks $90 million annually to tackle evasion. It's about time.

By Dennis Howlett, 24 Mar 2016


Canada's Muscle Against Global Tax Evasion 'Strongest Ever'

Tory MP Gerald Keddy rips Tyee article by Dennis Howlett, who responds.

By Gerald Keddy and Dennis Howlett, 7 Jan 2015


Let's Go after the Real Tax Cheats

Rather than target a senior with dementia, CRA needs to hit off-shore havens.

By Dennis Howlett, 18 Dec 2014


How to Stop Canadian Multinationals from Dodging Their Taxes

And if you thought low rates bought their loyalty, you're wrong.

By Dennis Howlett, 29 Jul 2014