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Cynthia Yoo

Cynthia Yoo worked as a lawyer and policy analyst in Canada and Asia. She is transitioning into a master of journalism degree in the fall.

Stories by Cynthia Yoo


Why Microsoft Loves Richmond, BC

Here, the company can import foreign tech workers, and maybe prod US lawmakers.

By Cynthia Yoo, 7 Nov 2007


Giants of Citizen Media Meet Up

Founders of OhMyNews, Wikipedia compare visions.

By Cynthia Yoo, 24 Oct 2007


Battle of Lies

Prize-winning war reporter Paul Watson on truth, mayhem and faith.

By Cynthia Yoo, 13 Sep 2007


Rental Fever

Why the battle for bedrooms is burning up.

By Cynthia Yoo, 31 Aug 2007


Bobby Lee's Funny Splash

Comic lets loose on the 'Korean Wave,' YouTube, and race jokes.

By Cynthia Yoo, 15 Aug 2007


Sweet Memories for Sale

Pssst. Wanna buy some 'sub-quality' Korean candy?

By Cynthia Yoo, 27 Feb 2007