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Charley Beresford

Charley has worked with multiple public and private sector organizations focused on community development. As a Victoria School Board Trustee from 1996 through 2008, she successfully campaigned to save provincially-funded Inner City School Funds and led the development of a ground breaking anti-homophobia action plan and anti-discrimination policy. Charley has been involved with with community organizations including the Green Economy Network, SPARC BC, BC Recreation and Parks Association, Big Sisters, The Canadian Mental Health Association, and the Therapeutic Riding Association of BC. She is currently the executive director of the Columbia Institute.

Reporting beat: Community development, sustainability, and the environment.

Connection to B.C.: Charley grew up in a small Saskatchewan town, and came to British Columbia to study at Malaspina College (now Vancouver Island University). Her father used to insist that their hometown was a "hamlet," which gives some idea of the size. As a result, Charley understands the importance and strength of communities that work together to achieve a high quality of life for their residents. Currently, she's a resident of both Vancouver and Victoria, and divides her time between the two.

Twitter: @CBColumbia

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Stories by Charley Beresford


Like London and Paris, Sooke BC Is Voting Privatization Out of Style

Why municipal governments around the world are bringing services back in house.

By Keith Reynolds, Gaetan Royer and Charley Beresford, 21 Sep 2016


How Downloaded Costs Are Steamrolling Local Governments

Tallying the $4 billion crush caused by feds, province, and what to do about it.

By Charley Beresford, Robert Duffy and Gaetan Royer, 24 Sep 2014


Pity the City, Forced to Do More with Less

Saddled with more responsibility, local governments have been shortchanged billions.

By Charley Beresford and Robert Duffy, 18 Mar 2014


Don't Exclude Cities from Canada's Energy Plan

On slashing emissions, many municipalities are already trailblazers. Bring 'em to the table!

By Charley Beresford, 31 May 2013


More Leaked Documents Rip Lid off CETA Giveaways

Exposed European Union demands show Canadians' local authority, labour and enviro protections are at risk.

By Robert Duffy and Charley Beresford, 12 Dec 2012


This Saturday, Occupy the Ballot Box

Living wage, climate change action, cost of living. British Columbians care, so why don't they vote?

By Charley Beresford, 18 Nov 2011


Municipalities Need Resources, Not Auditor

BC's cities and towns face downloaded costs, infrastructure needs and shrinking rural economies.

By Charley Beresford and Darlene Marzari, 29 Sep 2011


Wild Weather Hammers Home Case for Green Jobs

And city governments are innovating ways to finance the sector's growth.

By Charley Beresford, 6 Jun 2011


Cities at centre of energy revolution: Stern

By Charley Beresford, 17 Dec 2009


Conference reaches capacity as clock winds down

By Charley Beresford, 15 Dec 2009


Police, demonstrators flood the streets of Copenhagen

By Charley Beresford, 13 Dec 2009


World youth push for a 'real deal'

By Charley Beresford, 11 Dec 2009