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Robert Duffy

Stories by Robert Duffy


How Downloaded Costs Are Steamrolling Local Governments

Tallying the $4 billion crush caused by feds, province, and what to do about it.

By Charley Beresford, Robert Duffy and Gaetan Royer, 24 Sep 2014


Pity the City, Forced to Do More with Less

Saddled with more responsibility, local governments have been shortchanged billions.

By Charley Beresford and Robert Duffy, 18 Mar 2014


More Leaked Documents Rip Lid off CETA Giveaways

Exposed European Union demands show Canadians' local authority, labour and enviro protections are at risk.

By Robert Duffy and Charley Beresford, 12 Dec 2012


What's the Big Deal About CETA?

What the BC government can't tell you about the sweeping new treaty being framed with Europe.

By Robert Duffy, 3 May 2012