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Andrea Rexer

Andrea Rexer is a German journalist working for The Tyee for two months on a journalism grant (The Burns Fellowship). Back home she heads the Frankfurt office of one of Germany's biggest daily national newspapers, Sueddeutsche Zeitung. She covers economics and financials. Sueddeutsche Zeitung has 1.5 million readers daily and is considered a left-liberal newspaper. Andrea studied in Germany and Chile and has worked from Vienna/Austria, Buenos Aires/Argentina and several cities in Germany. In 2014 she earned the Ludwig Erhard prize for economic journalism.

Stories by Andrea Rexer


What I Saw with a German Tour of the Oilsands

Strangely, it wasn't the oilsands anyone can find on the Internet.

By Andrea Rexer, 4 Oct 2014


How Greens in One German State Threaten Euro-Canada Trade Deal

Resistance to CETA sprouts over investor rights vs. government power.

By Andrea Rexer, 12 Sep 2014


CETA Leak: Crucial Questions Unanswered

Latest version of trade deal leaves too much up to non-existent commission, lawyers say.

By Andrea Rexer, 29 Aug 2014


Leaked CETA Treaty: Major Blow to Buy Local

Final draft language spells end of local procurement policies by all levels of Canadian governments.

By Andrea Rexer, 14 Aug 2014


Leaked: Secret Final Draft of CETA Treaty

Groundbreaking deal in the works exposed in Germany. A Tyee first look.

By Andrea Rexer, 14 Aug 2014


Joe Oliver's Oil-Fueled Love Song to Europe

Canada's new tune on energy exports: Forget Putin, buy from us!

By Andrea Rexer, 13 Aug 2014


Eco-activists Didn't Force out Apache, a Foreign Hedge Fund Did

Behind the news that rocked BC's LNG dreams.

By Andrea Rexer, 6 Aug 2014