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Tyler Harbottle

Tyler Harbottle is completing a practicum at The Tyee.

Stories by Tyler Harbottle


BC's Worker-Owned Mill Success Story

Nanaimo's Harmac mill was as good as gone, until workers rallied to buy it, and their jobs, back.

By Tyler Harbottle, 23 Sep 2013


Neil Turok's Universe Within

Renowned physicist talks impressing Stephen Hawking, enabling young scientists, and deciphering 'what banged.'

By Tyler Harbottle, 13 Oct 2012


HST Is Dead, 'Public Has Spoken'

Reaction from Premier Christy Clark and more key players in BC's great tax revolt.

By Robyn Smith and Tyler Harbottle, 26 Aug 2011


BC HST eliminated

By Tyler Harbottle, 26 Aug 2011


Canadians find transit slower, less convenient than driving: StatCan

By Tyler Harbottle, 24 Aug 2011


Palace of Hell

Two survivors of life in slumlord George Wolsey's Palace Hotel describe a 'regime' of exploitation.

By Tyler Harbottle, 24 Aug 2011


Vancouver non-profit to renovate two hazardous SROs

By Tyler Harbottle, 18 Aug 2011


Cracking Down on Grim SRO Hotels

Vancouver council, and residents' lawsuit, aim to hold landlords accountable for safety horrors.

By Tyler Harbottle, 30 Jun 2011


Logging laggard threatens Great Bear Rainforest conservation

By Tyler Harbottle, 29 Jun 2011


Thousands at Riot Broke Law, Few Convictions Are Assured

Even photos and admissions on Facebook don't prove guilt, says defence lawyer.

By Tyler Harbottle, 22 Jun 2011


Hardly Simple Task: HST Voting Confuses

We asked people on the street what 'Yes' and 'No' mean on the ballot, and nearly half got it wrong.

By Tyler Harbottle, 17 Jun 2011


A Riot of Crazy Scenes

Photos from Tyee readers and a sampling of what's being said online about last night's riot.

By Tyler Harbottle and David Beers, 16 Jun 2011


A War on Cars? Really?

Bring it on say authors of a new book. But you're more likely to find people working for peaceful coexistence.

By Tyler Harbottle, 15 Jun 2011


BC government joins worldwide effort to save the Internet

By Tyler Harbottle, 8 Jun 2011


Federal lightbulb plan will cost $300M in energy savings: Pembina

By Tyler Harbottle, 6 Jun 2011


National conference brings bikers, motorists together

By Tyler Harbottle, 26 May 2011


Homeless count finds fewer on streets, more in shelters

By Tyler Harbottle, 24 May 2011


New fish farm proposal spawns call for moratorium

By Tyler Harbottle, 19 May 2011


Civilian body to oversee B.C. police

By Tyler Harbottle, 17 May 2011


Public still trusts traditional media most: report

By Tyler Harbottle, 11 May 2011


Band of mayors petition feds on fate of Insite

By Tyler Harbottle, 10 May 2011


David Eby's Quest to Down Premier Clark

Scenes from the rivals' campaign trails as their race, said to be close, enters its last hours.

By Tyler Harbottle and Jamie Williams, 10 May 2011


Life Under Harper's Majority

A dozen high profile BC voices weigh risks, opportunities in the new political landscape.

By Tyler Harbottle and Jamie Williams, 9 May 2011


Enviro groups bracing for Harper majority

By Tyler Harbottle, 3 May 2011