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Samantha Power

Samantha Power

Samantha Power is a freelance journalist, writer and editor in Edmonton.

Twitter: @samantha_power

Stories by Samantha Power


How Women Are Pushing Back on Sexual Assault Rulings in Alberta

Recent rash of appeals a sign of diversity at work on the bench, observers say.

By Samantha Power, 27 Sep 2016


Six Key Divides New Democrats Must Tackle

Convention revealed a readiness among New Dems to attack party problems. Now comes the hard part.

By Samantha Power, 12 Apr 2016


New Democrats Say Goodbye to Mulcair, Vote for Leadership Change

Time for renewal and to 'let the membership lead,' says young NDPer.

By Samantha Power, 10 Apr 2016


Notley's Case for Pipelines Shows an NDP Divided

Alberta premier's convention speech argues that climate action and industry can coexist.

By Samantha Power, 9 Apr 2016


Dismayed by Resource Royalty Inaction, Alberta Unions Learn Tough Lesson

'This is a cautionary tale,' warns Alberta Federation of Labour president.

By Samantha Power, 10 Feb 2016


Deborah Drever's Unlikely Road from 'Oops' Candidate to Star Legislator

Welcomed back to Alberta's NDP caucus, young MLA stands up for abuse victims.

By Samantha Power, 15 Jan 2016


How Women Are Changing Alberta's Government

From parental leave to domestic violence law, here's what a gender-balanced cabinet can do.

By Samantha Power, 9 Nov 2015


How Will Notley Lead? Hint: Her First Event Was Open to Everyone

'Welcome to your Legislative Assembly,' Alberta premier tells crowd at outdoor swearing-in ceremony.

By Samantha Power, 26 May 2015


Young Gov't Caucus Reflects Changing Alberta

'There has been a demographic shift,' says political scientist.

By Samantha Power, 7 May 2015


'Change Has Finally Come to Alberta': Premier Elect Rachel Notley

Orange era dawns as NDP slaughters Alberta Tories.

By Samantha Power, 6 May 2015


Primed for Change: Alberta Voters Flock to NDP

Corporate-friendly spring budget was final straw for angry electorate.

By Samantha Power, 30 Apr 2015