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Reg Whitaker

Reg Whitaker is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus at York University.

Stories by Reg Whitaker


Sorry Liberals, 'Oversight' Won't Fix Menace of a Terror Bill

Party's position on C-51 is downright surreal, and solution to fix it equally flawed.

By Reg Whitaker, 8 May 2015


Will Changes to C-51 Give Spy Agency Power to Detain?

Amendments may be 'scarier' than original bill.

By Reg Whitaker, 2 Apr 2015


Even with Amendments, C-51 Should Worry Activists

History shows 'lawful protest' clause a flimsy shield against surveillance, dirty tricks.

By Reg Whitaker, 28 Mar 2015


Time for Grits, New Dems, Greens to Make Electoral Deal

An open letter to Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton and Elizabeth May for an arrangement amongst the three opposition parties.

By Philip Resnick and Reg Whitaker, 8 Feb 2010