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Patricia Robertson

Stories by Patricia Robertson


Is a U-Turn Heading Your Way?

And would you be better off? Author Bruce Grierson on flip flopping to serenity.

By Patricia Robertson, 4 May 2007


In Praise of Lord Stanley

Five reasons I'm a hockey playoff addict.

By Patricia Robertson, 14 Jun 2006


Harper's Mommy Wars

Child care policies pit women against each other.

By Patricia Robertson, 5 May 2006


Clinton, the Johnny Cash of Politics

His beloved-bad-boy brand plays big in Vancouver.

By Patricia Robertson, 13 Mar 2006


Shed a Tear for Mrs. Gretzky?

No amount of bling is worth life as a hockey wife.

By Patricia Robertson, 22 Feb 2006


Doubts about Living in Sin

I scoffed at women who needed an 'official' marriage to validate their lives. So why do I, the common-law wife, feel so...common?

By Patricia Robertson, 27 Aug 2004