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Lawrence Martin


Columnist for, and former bureau chief in Washington & Moscow of, the Globe and Mail. Author of 10 books, including "Harperland: The Politics of Control" and "Iron Man: The Defiant Reign of Jean Chrétien."

Reporting beat: Politics, Government

Stories by Lawrence Martin


Why Harper Secretly May Be Happy Hudak Lost

Ontarians seemed to signal hard times for the right. But history offers a twist.

By Lawrence Martin, 13 Jun 2014


Harper's Legislated Loyalty Threat

Tory bill would see parliamentary employees probed, possibly punished, for past political activities.

By Lawrence Martin, 17 Jan 2014


Records show Sona on a beach when Conservatives claim he confessed to robocalls

By Lawrence Martin, 18 Nov 2013


Robocalls: Will We Ever Know the Truth?

Elections Canada could help clear things up. But don't count on it.

By Lawrence Martin, 13 Sep 2013


The Fierce Optimism of Elizabeth May

Green leader's tenacity is admirable, but without significant votes in 2015, she should face up to reality.

By Lawrence Martin, 6 Sep 2013


The Tories' Dirty Tricks Catalogue

Twenty-two black ops and hardball tactics by Team Harper while in power.

By Lawrence Martin, 29 Feb 2012


To Push Prisons, Harper Buried Own Government's Findings

Facts on crime and jail terms didn't fit vote getting strategy, so PM ignored them. Excerpted from Lawrence Martin's 'Harperland.'

By Lawrence Martin, 29 Apr 2011


Harper's 'Visceral Hate' for Liberals

From day one it drove his strategy to 'break the brand' of Canada's reigning centrist party. Excerpted from Lawrence Martin's 'Harperland.'

By Lawrence Martin, 28 Apr 2011