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Kevin Grandia

Kevin Grandia is editor of the Vancouver-based DeSmog Blog, which "exists to clear the PR pollution that is clouding the science on climate change."

Stories by Kevin Grandia


Powerful member of Congress slams Alberta to Texas tar sands pipeline

By Kevin Grandia, 6 Jul 2010


How to Attack a 'Fracking' Film

Documentary 'Gasland' shows flaming tap water caused by gas drillers 'fracking.' Industry speed dials its PR flaks.

By Kevin Grandia, 23 Jun 2010


Harper proposed coalition with Bloc Quebecois in 2004

By Kevin Grandia, 2 Dec 2008


She's Dialed in on Local Blogging

Why 'Miss 604' sees Vancouver as a 'social media hub.' First in a series on influential makers of Canadian new media.

By Kevin Grandia, 29 Aug 2008