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Jessica Werb

Stories by Jessica Werb


Tsunami Leaves other Causes High and Dry

Where is the outpouring of aid and concern for other humanitarian crises?

By Jessica Werb, 25 Mar 2005


Banning of the Pit Bulls

An animal activist says the breed, uniquely dangerous, are the only dogs she won’t rescue. Vancouver is close to banning them.

By Jessica Werb, 25 Jan 2005


AIDS Falls off Public Radar

No cure yet. Infections up not just globally but among B.C groups. So why is AIDS support so hard to rouse?

By Jessica Werb, 16 Dec 2004


A Tyee Series

Preventing the Next Bad Pill

How I'm kicking Paxil. And how Pharmawatch is arming medication users to expose bad effects.

By Jessica Werb, 20 Oct 2004


A Tyee Series

My Paxil Nightmare

I never expected to take the anti-depressant this long -- or get addicted. The warnings came too late, but argue for a new watchdog on medicines.

By Jessica Werb, 19 Oct 2004