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James Glave

James Glave is a writer living on Bowen Island, B.C. He blogs about climate change and sustainability issues at

Stories by James Glave


Grow Your Own Bread!

Raise wheat in your yard, turn it into two loafs a week. Locavore, or just loco?

By James Glave, 11 Feb 2009


BC's recycling industry is crashing

By James Glave, 19 Nov 2008


Green Stud

In this excerpt from 'Almost Green,' hero James takes on the Hole Hawg.

By James Glave, 24 Sep 2008


My Family's Escape from Plastic

We chucked our handy snack-stashers. Are we eco-nuts?

By James Glave, 1 Aug 2008


'Zero Mile Diet' Blooms in BC

'Dramatic' rise in food gardens, say seed vendors.

By James Glave, 5 May 2008


Letting Go of Cool

Living better by going 'downmarket.'

By James Glave, 17 Mar 2008


The Case for Crackling Logs

If I burn wood for heat, will I go to hell?

By James Glave, 19 Dec 2007


Green Dollars and Sense

Mark Holland: 'If you can't make money saving the world, you won't save the world.'

By James Glave, 3 Aug 2006


The iPod Is Bad Garbage

The BC author of 'Made to Break' outlines the high price of planned obsolescence.

By James Glave, 1 Aug 2006


Dr. Sustainability

UBC’s John Robinson on fixing the climate, winning converts, and staying upbeat.

By James Glave, 6 Jun 2006