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Charles Dobson

Charles Dobson teaches art and design at Emily Carr in Vancouver and is author of The Troublemaker’s Teaparty, A Manual for Effective Citizen Action, available from bookstores and New Society Publishers.

Stories by Charles Dobson

Winning Ways of Alinksy and Gandhi

Want to take on the powerful? Advice from a couple of proven experts (who don't always agree).

By Charles Dobson, 31 Jan 2004

What's Your Strategy?

To win, you need one. Smart activists don't just focus on stopping things. They figure out how to make positive change.

By Charles Dobson, 22 Jan 2004

Grabbing Attention for Your Cause

Think the press is a beast? It can be your friend, if you know how to feed it.

By Charles Dobson, 15 Jan 2004

Preparing Your Battle Plan

Launching a successful community project begins with good research, strategy, and knowing your recruits.

By Charles Dobson, 10 Jan 2004

Seven Great Ways to Build Community

From community kitchens to kitchen table discussion groups, here are a bunch of proven practices that create bonds among people.

By Charles Dobson, 2 Jan 2004

Projects That Bring People Together

Neighbors will join forces when they feel their community needs protecting.

By Charles Dobson, 24 Dec 2003

Preventing Grassroots Wilt

Tips for avoiding burnout along the volunteer trail.

By Charles Dobson, 19 Dec 2003

Rallying the Troops

Good leaders don't crave being The Leader. They're good at creating more leaders.

By Charles Dobson, 11 Dec 2003

Get Mobilized to Win

The ABCs of organizing your community to take on power

By Charles Dobson, 2 Dec 2003

Why We Need More Active Citizens

Better health, personal and communal, are two vital reasons

By Charles Dobson, 25 Nov 2003