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BJ Siekierski

BJ Siekierski reports for iPolitics.

Stories by BJ Siekierski


NDP Open to Referendum on Electoral Reform

Nathan Cullen says it’s one way to achieve consensus on special committee reviewing reform.

By BJ Siekierski, 17 Nov 2016


Canadians Split on Electoral Reform Referendum

New poll offers insight into how voters of various stripes feel on the issue.

By BJ Siekierski, 13 Jun 2016


Mulling over Mulcair Continues, with Steelworker Director Lending Support

Other unions mostly mum on whether they'll back NDP leader.

By BJ Siekierski, 17 Mar 2016


First Nation's FIPA Challenge Rejected, Supreme Court Next?

Hupacasath failed to establish 'causal relationship' between its rights and China pact's effects, judge finds.

By BJ Siekierski, 14 Jan 2015


Joe Clark on Keystone XL: Harper's policies hurt approval

By BJ Siekierski, 5 Nov 2013


Who Gets What in CETA Deal?

How the signed-in-principle trade pact affects drug costs, the auto biz, cheese, and more.

By Kelsey Johnson and BJ Siekierski, 18 Oct 2013