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Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey Johnson reports for iPolitics.

Stories by Kelsey Johnson


Companies Still Hiring Foreign Workers when Canadians Available, Says Auditor General

Problems persist, particularly in caregiver and seafood industries.

By Kelsey Johnson, 16 May 2017


Canada’s Fishing Industry at Risk of Major Stock Collapse

In fall report, federal watchdog said 15 threatened stocks are still being fished.

By Kelsey Johnson, 5 Oct 2016


Who Gets What in CETA Deal?

How the signed-in-principle trade pact affects drug costs, the auto biz, cheese, and more.

By Kelsey Johnson and BJ Siekierski, 18 Oct 2013


What legislation will 'die' when Harper prorogues Parliament?

By Kelsey Johnson, 19 Aug 2013