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Andrew Lam

Andrew Lam, editor at Pacific News Service, is a journalist and short story writer.

Stories by Andrew Lam


The 'Bamboo Ceiling'

While Hollywood continues to shun Asian artists, new media embraces them.

By Andrew Lam, 30 Jan 2014


What Media Ignores While Obsessing on Petraeus' Fall from Grace

War itself tends to visit on civilians one long sex scandal, as a Vietnamese immigrant well remembers.

By Andrew Lam, 19 Nov 2012


Crossover Culture, Gangnam Style

Talented Eastern entertainers have long been stuck in global stardom's margins. How a hugely viral Korean video broke through.

By Andrew Lam, 12 Oct 2012


Arab Spring to Autumn Rage: The Dark Power of Social Media

Digital tech empowers lousy filmmaker to incite global unrest.

By Andrew Lam, 14 Sep 2012


The Rising Tide of Environmental Refugees

No longer a 'hidden crisis,' millions are on the move due to ecological collapse.

By Andrew Lam, 20 Aug 2012


Obesity in Asia: American Fast Food Is Fare for the Rich

'Now that I have money, I let my son eat what he wants.'

By Andrew Lam, 11 Jul 2012


From Mao to Yao Ming

Tiananmen changed the Chinese view of the body.

By Andrew Lam, 24 Jul 2008


We Don't Write Anymore

Instead we dash off telegraphic e-mails, without grace or soulfulness. That's progress?

By Andrew Lam, 10 Dec 2003