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Stephanie Law

Born and raised in Surrey, B. C. and Hong Kong, Stephanie Law is a journalist (M.J., University of British Columbia ’12) and epidemiologist (M.Sc., McGill University ’10). She has done years of research on HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in impoverished communities, and has worked with vulnerable and marginalized communities in locations around the world.

Reporting beat: Health and social justice.

Twitter: @lawsteph

Personal website:

Stories by Stephanie Law


Sex Without HIV Disclosure: Should It Remain a Crime?

Why the Supreme Court is about to hear public health experts say it's time to soften the law. A special report.

By Stephanie Law, 12 Jan 2012


A Tyee Series

Was Shelby Tom's Death a Hate Crime?

Advocates say yes. But the fight to include violence against transgender people in hate crime law continues.

By Stephanie Law and Krystle Alarcon, 19 Oct 2011


Immigrants Feel Betrayed by Conservative Decision to Make Family Reunions Harder

'I feel I was lied to' says a tech worker from India, echoing other newcomers yearning to bring parents and grandparents to Canada.

By Krystle Alarcon and Stephanie Law, 8 Apr 2011


A Chance for Canada to Play Hero with Medicines

Bill could break log jam holding back cheap, timely drugs for poorer countries. Why are Liberals opposed?

By Stephanie Law, 25 Feb 2011